The Dadli Explorers Foundation

Increasing the accessibility to ocean sports and ocean education in the Caribbean.

Row – Swim – Hike – Beach Clean Up

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Team Dadli Explorers will be taking part in the Atlantic Dash ocean rowing event, attempting to cross 3,200 miles of open ocean in a boat less than 9 meters long.

Aside from the 3,200 mile journey across the Atlantic, the Foundation is also offering Rowing sessions, swimming programs, hiking & beach clean ups.


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Will this be you?


Ruby Coates, 29

Steff Evans, 33

TQuan James 19
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We hope to raise funds to be able to continue providing access and education to those wishing to be involved, free of charge.

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Sponsor us

The most difficult part of rowing and ocean sports is often getting started.
Before we are able to provide rowing training and sessions, must first raise the money that we need to buy our boat and all the other pieces of equipment that we need. In addition to the rowing project, our swimming programs also need support for us to be able to provide these programs free of charge to individuals. This includes pool hire, equipment hire and general running costs.

To do this we are looking to partner with businesses and individuals who can see the huge potential and positive impact that this foundation can have.

Financial support is not the only way to become a partner. There are many services and pieces of equipment that we also need, such as shipping, training, safety equipment, medical supplies, clothing, sponsoring an individual to be involved etc. and if you can help with any of this there are sponsorship packages for you too.

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